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Month: April, 2012

People With Personal Domains

Some interesting people here…

And when we die we may want our digital assets to continue on…

…aka our profile for our digital afterlife?

…This distributed deathlessness means we’ll all need a little cleanup on Aisle Me. The aspects of life we archive online, be they valuable, heritable, or simply embarrassing, require posthumous management (and, in some cases, eradication) lest our friends and loved ones and executors be embarrassed or inconvenienced by our lingering digital detritus, a trash-strewn wake of left-behind liabilities. At least three companies —, Legacy Locker, and the charmingly named — have arisen to keep customers’ passwords, usernames, final messages, and so on in a virtual safe-deposit box. After you’re gone, these companies carry out last wishes, alert friends, give account access to various designated beneficiaries, and generally parse out and pass on your online assets. Digital remains that are not bequeathed to an inheritor are incinerated, closing the book on PayPal accounts, profiles, even alternate identities (especially alternate identities: You don’t want your mother knowing about, or worse, playing, the wife-swapping giant badger you became in Second Life)…


Profile Armor Is So Needed – Personalize The Web

A few of the many companies (besides the obvious ones) who tried or are trying to personalize the web include –

Personify, RichRelevance, PredictiveIntent, (discover your audience), Gigya,,, ( discover your version of the web ) and


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