Viewing Profiles and a Personal Video Library

by profilearmor

One day I believe it will be much easier to share videos we’ve watched that we like. Perhaps, we’ll have a viewing profile, a guide and a queue that aggregates video from all the various places we consume media – a personal video library. Kinda like web dvr Playlater. Until then, here’s a movie I recently watched that I really liked.

Detachment – Wow! Detachment is one provocative movie. It deals with matters of the heart. Perhaps even a sickening of the heart. It is about teaching and the education system, about getting older and a deep statement on our modern life. It touches on the reality of our helplessness and yet our simultaneous ability to create small yet powerful improvements in a sometimes perplexing world.

I watched on Amazon (via a 3 day rental purchase).

(Netflix was my old online movie provider until they deleted my movie queue) but alas I need an easy way to track all the videos I want to see regardless of my video provider (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, funny ads, Facetime, Tokbox or mailVu etc) … Anyways, what was that song about blessings that plays in the movie?