I just got off a call with a successful company founder (not from founders) in the personalization space who said my concept gives him ‘shivers down his spine’ because he is working on a related startup.

ProfileArmor provides a way for users to share and control their personal profile.  A better way to control recommendations and products and services they would like accurate and detailed quotes for.

Sentence 1: What does your company do and what need does it serve?
ProfileArmor provides a way for users to share ad affinity and purchase intent while controlling their personal profile. ProfileArmor provides a way for users to control all their personal and business profile(s) in one place. Secondly, ProfileArmor makes it easier to manage what movies, videos and ads one prefers so better product recommendations could be provided and more accurate and detailed quotes could be delivered.

A profile management platform to help brands improve ad relevancy using cloud based personal profiles – share your profile and take control. I see profiles everywhere. One example of many is our vehicle profile for auto insurance. I recently got some ‘personal quotes’ that had my profile totally wrong. There is no easy way to fix that today. The solution is a platform to login to your personal profile, check off the brands you trust, State Farm, Geico etc and enable them to subscribe to your profile to deliver relevant an accurate quotes. I’m seeking a technical co-founder and $$$ to grow this platform.

In the movie  Minority Report as the main character walks through a mall he is delivered a personalized ad for Guinness based on his shared profile – that is the type of vision I am seeking to bring to life. Cheers!